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Standardization activities

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Standardization activities Hainan Tunchang dream Xiangshan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd

Information briefing of standardization pilot work

Dream Xiangshan biaoxinzi [2018] No.02

Dreamlike Xiangshan held mobilization meeting of Provincial Tourism Standardization pilot

Dreamy Xiangshan Cultural Park, a 3A level tourist attraction in Tunchang, held a mobilization meeting for all staff of Provincial Tourism Standardization pilot on June 18, 2018. At the meeting, the general manager mobilized the standardization work, emphasized the importance of standardization work, and required all staff to work together to do a good job of standardization pilot. After the meeting, standardization experts trained the backbone of each department on the basic knowledge of standardization.

The general manager spoke at the meeting

Training of standardization experts

Through the mobilization meeting, we unified our thinking from the whole company level, promoted the standardization awareness of all staff, promoted the staff to develop the habit of implementing the standards in their daily work, enhanced the subjective initiative of key staff of various departments, and better participated in the company's Tourism Standardization pilot work.

Hainan Tunchang dream Xiangshan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd

Standardization Office

June 28, 2018

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