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Information briefing of standardization pilot work 2

Date:2021-06-09 19:06:37 Views:

Dream Xiangshan Cultural Park organizes training on enterprise standard compilation

In order to do a better job in the new compilation and transformation of enterprise standards, on July 15, 2018, dreamlike Xiangshan Cultural Park invited Tourism Standardization experts to carry out enterprise standards training for members of standardization office and editors of various departments. Tourism Standardization experts explained in detail the requirements of "guidelines for Standardization Work Part 1: structure and compilation of standards" (GB / T 1.1-2009), The trainees listened carefully, asked questions actively, and mastered the requirements of enterprise standard compilation, which laid a solid foundation for the upcoming enterprise standard compilation.

(training by standardization experts)

(participants listen carefully)

(communication between teachers and students)

Hainan Tunchang dream Xiangshan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd

Standardization Office

July 28, 2018

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