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Seven dwarfs have escaped into the dream mountain

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In the middle of Hainan Island, there is a mountain in the Gali slope of Tunchang, which is lush and lush, with flowers and fragrant herbs. A beautiful castle rises suddenly in the flowers and herbs.

I can't imagine that in this place called "dream Fragrant Mountain", we met seven dwarfs famous all over the world. They are welcoming us with the brand "welcome.".

Seven dwarfs are in the place, snow white must be in, so we propose to meet the famous snow white. The dwarf agreed happily.

Along the way, the dwarfs sang happy songs: birds lead the road in front of us, wind blows to us, we come to the garden and come to the grass like spring.

Blue sky and white clouds float, windmills are wandering, winding and quiet, and we walk through the mountains of dream.

The dwarf who led the road told me that Snow White was visible when he went up the hillside in front of him. We are in a state of excitement when we meet with celebrities in the fairy tale world.

Our eyes are bright. Snow White is in line with the dwarfs in the green grass to welcome us.

Through the conversation, we learned that at the wedding of snow white and Prince, the prince swore to love snow white for a lifetime, and announced in public that he would take Snow White around the world and build villa around the world to meet the holiday enjoyment of the two people.

Snow White said excitedly that Hainan is so beautiful and the air is so good that they don't want to leave as soon as they get here.

So after she and Prince together, she took seven dwarfs to build this Hainan version of the shared farm, dreamland Xiangshan, hoping that their friends around the world can come here to share the beautiful scenery, beauty, food and beautiful holidays of Hainan.

Snow White is very kind and loving, and animals have heard of it. So Snow White told the dwarfs to take us to meet the animal friends here.

The dwarfs have to make it.

In the grass, a rabbit was pulling carrots cheerfully greeting us.

It was a rabbit pulling carrots.

The dwarf also got into the bushes and happily played hide and seek with the rabbit.

WOW! In the grass ahead, bears are out, no, they are pandas.

When it comes to the presence of bears, we really see the big bear, bear 2 and the light headed.

Xiong Da still has no edge of wisdom, insists on his own opinions, resourceful and likes the mother bear Cuihua; Bear 2 is still simple and cute, infinite, more intelligent, lazy to do. He is still versatile and can dance, swim, fish and sing. However, he has become an active member of the ecological environment protection.

The dwarf greeted the light head of the reformist.

The little rabbit is harvesting vegetables.

The fairies in the flowers politely pay attention to us.

It is said that the fairy is silent and can not speak a word or two all day. He only cultivates and treats the various herbs and flowers here.

The dwarf made a fuss at the fairy, trying to seduce the flower fairy to say a few words to him, but the fairy still just smiled and said nothing.

The hooligan rabbit said "I'll try", and after a bit of scratching his head, he still failed to succeed.

The dwarf is tempting the duckling to be happy with food.

The ducks next to us came in and rattled: we're going to eat too.

Why are so many rabbits here? The dwarf told me that there was a situational training course on rabbit survival rules.

The dwarf explained that the key points of the "rabbit survival law" are: it is absolutely impossible to rely on their own strength; Give full play to the collective power; Make full use of the material interests to the enemy's "affinity role" to friends“ Rabbit survival law "is used in enterprise management, which means that an enterprise should not carry out various operational research models of the leading sheep in the case that it can not be the leader of the industry. It is necessary to learn to find market gaps.

Looking at the friendly relationship between snow white and seven dwarfs and animals, a group of peace, I can not help but sigh that Hainan has excellent ecological environment, which is owned by people and animals.

Snow white and seven dwarfs warmly invited us to dinner with them. My little friend and I naturally played the hypocritical nature of human beings, so they were polite.

Is pinching, suddenly woke up, originally is Xiangshan dream.

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