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Tourism strategy of Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park

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Beautiful world - Dream Fragrant Mountain, looking for dream, fragrant world, tasting fragrance.

There is such a unique aromatic Culture Park, which is mainly based on fragrance, with fragrance as music and fragrance as knowledge. There are dozens of scenic spots in the park. You need to explore the fun, the fun and the fragrant culture.

Dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park
Dream Fragrance Hill Park

National AAA scenic spot

Look at Xiangshan

Come to the Fragrant Mountain Culture Park of dream mountain,

Looking into the distance,

The mountain, the water and the beautiful scenery seem to tell you:
This is a good place for a holiday.

I chose to come to Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park,
Hiking, walking in the flowers, listening to the songs of birds;
Or take the cable car to drive in the park, shuttle in the colorful,

There are many mountains in front of us.

Take the road of incense

Walking on the incense Road, breathing the fragrance,

Looking at the happy faces of the people around you,

The mood is also joyful.

Smell the fragrance

Vanilla Garden has hundreds of herbs, such as Australian tea tree, French lavender, rosemary, Dendrobium officinale (similar to Cordyceps sinensis) and youduncao (one of the southern herbs); There are many kinds of flowers, such as roses, hibiscus mutabilis, cyrili, fragrant sparrow and so on. There are flowers you know and don't know. You can smell the fragrance of flowers and feel the gift of nature.

It can be said: only smell the fragrance of flowers, not talk about sadness and happiness.

Blowing fragrance

Here, we mainly produce pure natural plant additive free vanilla tea, flower tea, fruit tea, vanilla coffee, freshly baked flower cake, self-made lemon with cold sauce, and all kinds of snacks. We drink coffee in the castle, watch the scenery in the distance, and spend our leisure time.

The so-called: steal half a day of leisure.

In front of this beautiful scenery, there will be guests singing and dancing.

A popular meal

Here are the local domestic chicken, duck and goose, Tunchang Huangling farm black pig, agaric fish head and other raw materials, plus the health herbs matched by chefs. The dishes are affordable, there are many kinds and choices, and the sauces here are all for home use. Whether you are from Hainan or from other places, I believe you will love the dishes here.

When walking after meals, you will find that:
Dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park is like a child who doesn't eat fireworks. It is pure and clear, simple and natural, complex and secular. It can be purified into simplicity in the air of dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park, and finally return to peace.

Buy Incense

This is the happiest place,

It's also the purest place.
Here, find pure natural aromatic plants.

Our products can not only be sent by phone, but also be purchased online. Here is the QR code. If you need to know more, just scan it

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Picking fragrant fruit

  Experience the fun of picking, hand picking, harvest the fruits of their own labor, here to plant lemon and Luoshen sunflower, you can enjoy picking. More than 50 kinds of tropical fruits have been planted in our park. We expect to pick them next year. Please look forward to it!1、 Lemon is zinc rich lemon, pollution-free products, there are many ways to eat lemon, our staff will teach you how to make cold lemon;2、 After picking Luoshen sunflower, our staff will teach you how to make Luoshen sunflower preserves and make Luoshen sunflower tea.

Make a good fortune


1) Children's Development Park: challenge yourself, create the image of little man and little woman, and experience the fun of rope climbing, rock climbing and trampoline.

2) Homemade hand soap: make your own essential oil soap and taste the secret.

3) Picking project: experience the fun of picking and harvest fruits by yourself.

4) Vanilla science knowledge: there are more than 100 kinds of herbs here. The science popularization of vanilla knowledge can expand your knowledge base.

5) Children's cartoon Square: Children's entertainment world, let children have a close contact with cartoon figures.

6) Fishing project: the fish here are spring fish, no need to feed, rest assured fishing, the so-called leisurely life.

PS:Some experience items need to be charged separately. Please consult the staff for details.

There is a dream Fragrant Mountain fragrant Cultural Park, let you and I have the chance to meet, know each other, know each other and go together.

Wonder and beauty

There are many wonderful sceneries in Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park. The sun rises in the East and the rain in the West. Who says you can't visit the park in the rain? Walking in the light rain with a small umbrella on the incense Road, walking in the rain, the breeze blowing, smelling bursts of flowers, the mood suddenly happy, in the rain but not in the rain.

If you don't want to go on foot, you can also choose to take the cable car. There is a driver and guide on the car to explain it. With the guide's explanation, you can roam in the fragrance of flowers, smell fragrant flowers and herbs, and watch the beautiful scenery. You can't feel the rain getting bigger. You can come to Galileo castle to take shelter from the rain and stand on the terrace to have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. In the castle, drinking the freshly brewed fragrant tea and blowing the breeze, I can't feel the inconvenience of the heavy rain.

Under the light of Buddha, the dream Fragrant Mountain fragrant Cultural Park is another wonder!

Come to Xiangshan fragrant Culture Park to experience the fragrant world and the sea of flowers.

Park tour route

① Tour route 1:

Four Seasons flower field → lotus pond → galipo castle → children's Sports Development Park → south gate of Chenxiang garden → fragrant culture cartoon square → tropical orchard → crystal church → Jinyuan villa → Xiangji square → spring pool → east gate of yemudan Valley (Love Valley) → west gate of yemudan Valley → flower viewing square → love mountain → Vanilla Garden → vanilla Inn → lemon picking garden → vanilla restaurant → Fragrance world

② Tour route 2:

Four Seasons Garden → lotus pond → east gate of Chenxiang garden → south gate of Chenxiang garden → fragrant cartoon culture square → tropical orchard → crystal church → Jinyuan villa → Xiangji square → spring pool → east gate of yemudan Valley (Love Valley) → west gate of yemudan Valley (Love Valley) → flower garden → love mountain → Vanilla Garden → vanilla Inn → lemon picking garden → vanilla restaurant → galipo Castle (flower garden) Haixiang coffee station → children's Sports Development Park → aromatic world

Tickets notice

PS: for tickets, please go to the ticket window, line up to buy tickets, and also go to the ticket window for online tickets.

1. The ticket price is 50 yuan / piece

2. The preferential price is 30 yuan / piece (during the preferential activities)

3. Children under 1.2m (including 1.2m) are free of charge

4. Tickets are free for the elderly over 70 years old (with ID card), the disabled (with disability card), the reporter (with reporter card), the serviceman (with officer card and soldier card) and the tour guide (with tour guide card)

5. Tickets for the elderly aged 60-69 (with ID card), students (with student card) and teachers (with teacher qualification card) are 25 yuan / piece

6. Online tickets: 28 yuan / piece

(it is recommended to buy tickets two hours in advance) [meituan, Tongcheng, Aina travel]

PS: the above fare does not include the fairlead ticket, which is 15 yuan per ticket


geographical position

Dream Xiangshan fragrant Culture Park is located in jialipo, Tunchang County, Hainan Province. Under the exit of poxin Nankun, the Middle Line Expressway of Hainan, it is 1.3km to Nankun, 74km away from Haikou City, which is only about 50 minutes' drive. The traffic is very convenient. It's very close to Tunchang County. It takes about 10 minutes to drive.

Address:Jialipo dream Fragrant Mountain fragrant Culture Park, Tuncheng Town, Tunchang County, Hainan Province

road trip

Starting from Haikou, take the middle line highway direction for about 50 minutes, get off the "poxin Nankun" intersection at 74 km, and drive 1.3 km along the direction of Nankun interchange. According to the sign, you will arrive at the fragrant Culture Park of dream Xiangshan.

By bus

1. Haikou south bus station → Tunchang station → take tricycle → bus (Nankun or Huangling) → dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park

2. Qiongzhong bus station → Nankun junction (Guangming gas station) → bus (Nankun or Huangling) → dream Xiangshan fragrant Cultural Park

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